Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another Day, More Items Crossed Off the List.

Today has been good.
Trying to revel in just that.

It was an early work day. Those tend to have rough starts. My son is NOT a morning person. He still struggles with early bed times.

What the early morning with Thurston looks like:
Thurston wanting to "sleep some more."
Being finickier about clothes than most women I know.
General grumpy uncooperative behavior that deteriorates into me yelling at Thurston.
I have been working really hard on the whole "yelling" thing. I am less successful in being mindful and changing that behavior when I am tired and/or stressed.

Today, however, both Thurston and I naturally started to wake about 6am instead of waiting for the alarm to go off at 6.30. I cannot site a special reason for this. Our bed time had been typical for this rise time. We both woke in pleasant moods, and I was willing to ride on that bus for as long as I could.

Good news...That bus was en route and on time all day.

Work at Twiggs was pleasant. No crappy customers, tips were good, co-workers also in good moods and fun to work with. Even started the work day with a customer who wanted a picture of my hair cut. She was gushing about how I have the "best" curly hair. I would have normally said no, but I am working on that whole "not hating myself" thing, and well, crap, I was having a good hair day. I will admit was a little weird. She even left me a $5 tip. Don't laugh, it adds up!

Even got to talk books with one of my current favorite customer. That conversation left me pretty happy. He is getting a series of books for me that are based on Arthurian legend, but written within an historical context. Given my current (and periodically reoccurring) fascination with King Arthur, I am thrilled.

I got done with work at Twiggs and headed home to finish up work for a client. I was able to get all of that done before picking up Thurston. We headed to my client's business (a restaurant) for a meeting. What is cool about this client is that he comps me and Thurston dinner when we come in. Thurston and I had dinner out (a rarity these days).

Then stopped off at Blind Lady Ale House as we thought a birthday party for our friend Tatsuya was happening, but we missed Tatsuya by 10 minutes. We did visit with several from that party even though the party boy had gone home. Tatsuya is one of Thurston's best friends and turned 6 today.

I even got gas for the car and a bank run in today.

Remember the list from Monday? Well by tonight, many of the very important items have now been crossed off. The relief in my mind is palpable. The list isn't completed, but definitely on the way! It is easy for me to get lost in focusing on what hasn't gotten done yet. For some reason today, I can just be glad for all that I have completed. I am not ready to let that go entirely. I read a month or two ago that as an exercise in mindfulness, every night you should contemplate your day and acknowledge one thing you have done well, in that day. It is harder than you think. Or maybe I am just a freak. All to frequently I am only proud of the vacuum job on the apartment. Today, I think I have lived in the moment well. Living in the moment is a tremendous struggle for me. Today I did it, and enjoyed it.

Besides, I didn't have time to vacuum today.

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  1. excellent post. this put a smile on my face.

    now to think, what did I do good today. I definitely did not vacuum. My house it totally a disaster, needing to be decluttered. I burnt out my socket with the hair dryer, still yet to tell Vince. I bit my nails down far too short (ouch). I still have not written my thank you letter. Meh! You are not the only one who finds this task difficult.

    I made some pretty yummy gingerbread cookies - does that count?