Monday, December 5, 2011

Day in the Life...Monday

And so the week begins. It is now 10.40pm. I am grateful to be laying in bed with my laptop typing this entry. Thurston has just fallen asleep. I have ambient music playing. Not sure how long I might last tonight.

Mondays are really long days for me. Thurston and I get up around 7.30 and get ourselves ready to go. Neither of us will get back home, usually, until 9pm or later. I trundle Thurston off to school, and get him settled into his kindergarten room at 9am. From there, I made a bank run for myself to ensure that my rent check wouldn't bounce. It is at this point that I get about an hour to myself and won't see any time like that until I go to bed.

With Thurston having been sick Friday/Saturday, I personally needed to recover on Sunday. I really struggle with giving myself that kind of down time. I am trying to look at what it means when I have no motivation. In this case, simply physical exhaustion and need for recovery. It eats away at me that I was not productive in a tangible sense for 2 days. The need to compile a list of what has to get accomplished was my first order of business. I got to Twiggs (the coffee shop where I work) poured myself some iced coffee and got down to business. List compiled. Relief starting to occur. Some how the act of making a list made it all seem so much more achievable. I even had enough time to help my coworkers for about 10 minutes with a mini rush, and dash off a 2 page letter to Melanie.

At 10.40 off to the bike shop to work until 1.30. From there, I went back to work my shift at the coffee shop from 1.30 to 8.30 or 9. depending on how busy it is. It was pretty busy, and I like to try to get as much done as I can to help the person closing. I got out of there at 9 tonight. On Mondays, I am incredibly lucky. My brother, Todd, picks up Thurston from school when he is done at work, around 5. This is wonderful time Thurston gets to spend with his Uncle and Auntie. They cook, walk the dogs, do homework and talk. I am so grateful for their help. They have been champs to commit to helping me every Monday. This evening when I called and said I was on my way...Todd told me dinner was waiting for me. Todd had made one of our family's favorite comfort food. Spaghetti. It was wonderful. We ate and visited, but due to the time, didn't let our visit go on for too long.

I was ready to get home and take a shower. If you have never worked in a coffee shop before, let me tell you...Coffee grinds get everywhere, as does chocolate powder. Steamed milk and flavored syrups splash you in the face. I was ready to wash the goo and coffee from my face and hair. That leads me to here. I am laying in bed, hair wet, feet warm, child asleep, squishy cats snoring on bed and typing this on my computer.

Here are some things I think about every day whether I am working or not.

1. what do i feel like eating? Will I have time today to cook something that is more complicated?
2. what do i need to get done?
3. How can i prioritize the list of #2?
4. I wonder what Melanie is doing right now?
5. I miss my grandmother.
6. I hope my son does ok today and everyday. I hope I am giving him tools to be able to do that.
7. I wonder if i will ever love somebody again?
8. what do i want to do with my life professionally?
9. I love my family.
10. what music will i listen to right now?
11. I wonder if others think these types of things every day too?
12. I hope I get to hear Thurston laugh today.

Sweet Dreams!!!

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