Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I had a full list for today.
I knew that I would never be able to get to all of it.

I did however get some of it done.
Not necessarily in order:
Got Thurston to and from school, therapy session, 2 loads of laundry, trip to North Park Market, made a beef bourguignon soup, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned my desk, got started on researching and organizing what I am going to do with Thurston on his winter intersession brake, looked for photos on an old hard drive (including looking thru boxes to find the right power cords), created a list of people and gifts to give, copied some music from one computer to another, downloaded to my android google+ (and on computer), started a play list that may or may not become a present for a few select folks this year, and lastly scooped the all important cat box.
Wow, doesn't feel like much at this point, but I assure you, it took time!

In my search of photos, I found a set of photos from a tour that Elyse and I did back in 2004. My friend Mara got us tickets for a tour of houses here in San Diego designed by sculptor/architect James Hubbell. I have found that I am quite enamoured with his work. He loves to incorporate stain glass into his buildings and as you probably know create this wonderful ambiance. I, also, was recently introduced to pinterest.com. It is an absolute TIME BURGLAR, but AWESOME! Kinda like streaming netflix. In any case I came across a photo somebody had posted of a Hubbell structure and I knew that I had even better photos from the tour. Although that was not the reason for looking on the old hard drive, coming across them, I knew what I wanted to post tonight!

With out any further ado....here are those photos from 2004. ENJOY!

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  1. hubbell! That was such an awesome tour. And to think, I hardly knew how cool it was. His work reminds me of Gaudi. Nicole, if you ever get the chance, go . to . barcelona! You'll love it. Glad you founds these - good memories.