Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday February 14, 2012

I am neck deep into the new job.

I can tell that for the next month or so, I am going to have to put time in on the front end.

This is a lesson for me in attempting to pace myself.  In years past, I would just work all hours, for months on end to get everything accomplished. I now have Thurston. This is a complete game changer on how I handle new work situations. I have been asked to synthesize a great deal of information in an abnormally short amount of time and perform instantly. To achieve this goal, the variable that I used to be able to control was the time factor. Now...not so much. Actually not at all. Thurston has, inadvertently,  increased the volume on the challenge.  I have to be prudent in the choices I make at the moment yet I shouldn't deny myself down time, otherwise there will be a steep price to pay in my all around health.

Even so, I am amazed at how I love a challenge. It is so easy for me to become completely immersed in it.  I lose all sense of time.  I think I just have to have my personal mantra be "stay on target. stay on target."

The question bears to mind...what is the target?

I have a few targets. I am still trying to figure out their priority in my "grander" list of things. 

As of this evening, I am tired. I am worked.  I am grateful for the day to come to an end. I haven't even discussed the ongoing issues regarding Thurston and where he might go to school next year, or the assessments we have had to endure, and even more so, the results of these assessments. This was additional input for my brain to process this evening. The worries and concerns that are manufactured by these tests have impact. They bring protectiveness, concern, ego, fear all to forefront. The intensity/focus of my mental acumen today has been quite exhausting particularly on the heals of a 2 day migraine.

Le Meaux.

Sleep. My dear dear friend, I am looking forward to you tonight. I hope for pleasant cohesive, ethereal dreams. Dreams of flying, which give me such joy. Dreams of complete absorption in a simple task. Dreams that make me laugh so hard I wake myself up doing so.  Dreams of problems solved.


  1. You're doing a good job with everything. My sister used to have a saying "I can get through ANYTHING if I know it's not forever." I don't know where she got it, but it always helps me put things in perspective. Things can be hard, but they won't always be...things can be painful, but they won't always be. Love you!

  2. thank you erin. that is good to remember. nothing really is forever. i love you too!!!