Sunday, March 11, 2012

body odor, garlic & yeast

so tonight was full of diy punk.
i love diy punk.
i simply love it.
the rawness the imperfection the ridiculousness.
it is in between bands playing.
people mingle. people get drunk.
people wish to go home with somebody walking around.
i don't
i drink a beer and maybe one more.
and another crappy band comes on stage with more courage than i can muster.
i can't bring myself to be on stage.

i no longer can discern the lyrics
my ears now dull due to volume
i cant hear anything but the regular 1234 beat of the drum.
i feel it resonating through my body and even more through my heart.
it pulls me.
it calls me.
it tears me apart.

there is no way to actually hear the words to the song.
i can only hear the deep base of the music.
the lyrics are completely gone.
yet i am drawn deeper in.

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