Saturday, March 17, 2012

momentary calm

today has been  pretty mellow, all the way around.
the rain has that impact on me and my psyche.
there is this need to just stay inside.
to nest.
so i did.
i only ventured out to get my hair cut.
i now have swoopy bangs. i think i like it.

thurston and i slept in very late.
both of us needed it.
i am hopeful of a repeat performance.
i cooked. i rested.
i visited with a good girlfriend.

we looked at old pictures.
we talked of love.
we talked of passion.
we wondered about those in our lives.

i remained calm.
i like it when calm shelters me with a warm blanket
over my moods.
i even cat napped at little at one point.

i know i have a crapload of work to get done.
i just needed one day to not have to
not necessarily in that order.

thurston remained in his pajamas all day.

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