Saturday, March 10, 2012


list of songs that i simply couldn't live without:

Edge of Living, RVIVR
Breathe Out, RVIVR
Grandma, RVIVR
Restless, Rumbleseat
Babooshka, Kate Bush
Moomer Fus 3, Motion Pictures
You Said Something, PJ Harvey
Beautiful Feeling, PJ Harvey
Missed, PJ Harvey
Rub it 'til it bleeds, PJ Harvey
Black Hearted Love, PJ Harvey & John Parish
Shelter, The XX
The World's a Mess. It's in my Kiss, X
Pictures of Lily, The Who
White Girl, X
I Can't Explain, The Who
In the Garage, Weezer
Kiss off, Violent Femmes
Beginning to see the light, The Velvet Underground
Rock and Roll, The Velvet Underground
Bright Lights Big City, Them
Nothing to you, Two Gallants
Fail hard to regain, Two Gallants
Breakdown, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
New York City, T-Rex
Children of the Revolution, T-Rex
Decatur, Sufjan Stevens
Chicago, Sufjan Stevens
Speak like a Child, The Style Council
1969, The Stooges
Silver>blue, Thurston Moore
Everybody wants to rule the world, tears for fears
Change, Tears for Fears
Pale Shelter, Tears for Fears
This must be the place (naive melody), Talking Heads
Shadow of a Doubt, Sonic Youth
Dirty Boots, Sonic Youth
Madonna, Sean and Me, Sonic Youth
This Charming Man, The Smiths
What Difference does it Make? The Smiths
1979, Smashing Pumpkins
Drown, Smashing Pumpkins
The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine, Simon & Garfunkel
The 59th Street Bridge Song (feeling groovy), Simon & Garfunkel
Anji, Simon & Garfunkel
I am a rock, Simon & Garfunkel
America, Simon & Garfunkel
The Past and Pending, The Shins
Open up a window, Sean Hayes
Deutscher Girls, Adam & the Ants
The Ghosts of what should have been, Owen
In the morning before work, Owen
All is a game, Nada Surf
Blankest Year, Nada Surf
Wizard Sits, Mutoid Men
Rum to Whiskey, Murder City Devils
I'll come running, Murder City Devils
Don't waste another day, The Muffs
Everywhere I go, The Muffs
I'm Straight, the modern lovers
i wanna sleep in your arms, the modern lovers
astral plane, the modern lovers
born on a saturday night, mean jeans
so tonight i might see, mazzy star
lazy, love and rockets
every word means no, let's active
be set free, langhorne slim
blown your mind, langhorne slim
aint proud, langhorne slim
colette, langhorne slim
worries, langhorne slime
lola, the kinks
apeman, the kinks
nothing in this world can stop me worryin' bout that girl, the kinks
beautiful boy (darling boy), john lennon
nobody told me, john lennon
Jane Says, Jane's addiction
Mexico, James Taylor
Tramp, Otis Redding
the passenger, iggy pop
Reverend's Revenge, the housemartins
me and my arrow, harry nilsson
lime in the coconut, harry nilsson
strict machine, goldfrapp
clowns, goldfrapp
little bird, goldfrapp

Well...this moronic list (which is not in any specific order) is a product of a freaking 12 hour workday and to get it all done...drinking 16oz of coffee at 4.30pm.  this is just the ridiculous tip of an iceberg,  i want to keep assembling this list, but really, who wants to read this shit? If i were super clever, i would attach a link for each song to youtube or something so you could hear it. HA!  i am just gonna start compiling a playlist for the ipod.

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