Friday, March 23, 2012

My Old Blog...chaos at the small purple house

So I have had a bunch of weird activity on my old blog.
Some legit, some that gives me cause for concern.
The referring url was a prostitution website out of Slovinia.
I wasn't happy about that.
I have now made my old blog private as well.
Good news...pretty much anybody reading this blog probably already has permissions on my old blog. If you however got an invite...know that it was because I saw that you weren't already in the permissions area.  If for some reason you cannot get onto the old blog, email me, text me, facebook me, and I will add you in.
 I will not be putting new posts on that blog, but I am not interested in getting rid of it. It is interesting and wonderful documentation of a life I used to live.
My new is my life is represented in this blog.
I can't have nor want the old life. I have moved on, but I am still proud of much of my past.

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