Sunday, March 25, 2012

sdileye ym fo kcab

what do you see when you close your eyes?
do you see black?
or do you see lights?
do you see colors?
do you only close your eyes for sleep?

i see colors
geometric shapes
that swirl, contort and dance
if laying in the park during the day
the colors become more brilliant
green seeps in as the prominent color

the gyrating geometric is a diamond pattern
sometimes with a single large dark shape
that seems burned into my retina
the large black shape eventually rotates
collapsing in on itself
bleeding out the diamond pattern

i am fixated on watching
certain moments i can control
the ebb and flow of the movement
but not always
i drift into other thoughts
and become consumed with them

it is at those times i can fade into sleep
i have watched this show since i was a small child
it brought me comfort
when told to sleep and i couldn't

as i relax and release my restraint
and my will
the show becomes more spectacular
now my subconscious now holds the power

the thoughts
that overshadow the show
are magical
it is here
i love
i hope
i dream
i believe

it is here the thoughts are reality

1 comment:

  1. meant to notate listened to Dire Straits, Dire Straits while writing this piece. although started thinking about it while listening to a late 60's/early 70's acoustic mix by my brother including beatles, pink floyd and traffic songes.