Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This Woman

This woman was brilliant.
This woman exposed me to William Morris.
This woman introduced me to ayurvedic soap.
This woman took me to Neal's Yard and Covent Garden.
This woman  changed the landscape and definition of beauty through art for me.
This woman was complex.
This woman struggled and some of those times never needed to be.
This woman was the first to tell me that I am smarter and more educated than I ever gave myself credit for.
This woman loved to cook.
This woman loved to cook with me and I with her.
This woman believed in the food I made for her and others.
This woman loved to watch period piece movies just like me.
This woman went to extremes.
This woman took care of me at a time when I needed it.
This woman loved and appreciated the finer things of life.
This woman taught me how to love gardening.
This woman brought into the world two people I could not imagine my life without.
This woman allowed herself to be a martyr too much of the time.
This woman expressed her artistic sensibility in ways that I could connect with.
This woman was secretive.
This woman was charismatic.
This woman had so many amazing adventures that were a joy to hear her recount.
This woman wanted to be heard.
This woman was lonely.
This woman was a force to be reckoned with.
This woman was committed.
This woman was infuriating
This woman was beautiful.
This woman will be missed.

Yitgadal veyitkadash shemei raba be'alma di vera chir'utei,
veyamlich malchutei bechayechon uveyomeichon uvechayei
dechol beit Yisrael, ba'agala uvizman kariv, ve'imeru Amen.
Yehei shemei raba mevarach le'alam ule'almei almaya
Yitbarach veyishtaback veyitpa'ar veyitroman, veyitnasei,
veyithadar, veyitaleh, veyithala shemai dekudesha, berich hu,
le'ela min kol birechata veshirata, tushbechata
venechemata da'amiran be'alma, ve'imeru Amen.
Yehei shelama raba min shemaya vechayim, aleinu ve'alkol
Yisrael, veimeru Amen.
Oseh shalom bimromav, hu ya'seh shalom aleinu ve'al
kol Yisrael, ve'imeru Amen.

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