Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Evening after daylight savings.

I sit here on my bedroom floor and I am listening to a mix of music I have put together for the senior Rabbi at the synagogue. Despite age difference (reminder to never judge a book by it's cover), we both seem to enjoy much of the same music from bluegrass influence to the modern folk movement.  With both Thurston and Chris asleep, I am afforded the quiet night time house.

Yesterday I noticed an acquaintance on Facebook is doing this whole "30 days of gratitude" thing. I also noticed a good friend who blogs accepting to do a "blog each day for 30 days" challenge.  I really like both of these ideas.  Especially the 30 day blog challenge.  I think, for me, it is more like...writing every day for 30 days whether it is my blog or a long letter or in my private journal.  I write pretty regularly, but it is what I consider secondary on the daily life clock (at this time)....writing gets relegated to #2 slot along with riding my bike (makes me kinda sad & wish I was independently wealthy).

I think I am finally starting to get a little bit of my life back that has slipped away since starting at the synagogue full time in July.  Between the synagogue and the bike shop, I just was super tired and felt as if my time was for everybody else but myself. All I was interested in doing was being at home with Chris watching movies (which isn't a bad thing, but I have regularly had a hard time keeping my eyes open to watch a whole moving in an evening).  

Just 2 weeks ago, I worked my last day at Adams Ave. Bicycles.  I was so sad, but now I am realizing that I really needed to restructure my time even if that means less money.  I am still trying to get the financial piece together, but getting closer each day.  I now have some breathing room in time.  I am riding my bike again and simply  do not feel exhausted every night and  therefore I have been able to write again.  I prefer to write for my blog at night after my world has shut down.  It is the time for me to collect all my random thoughts and various conversations with myself and others.  Writing being my way to process.

All that said...going to try to write everyday again (and include something each time which I am grateful for).  Trying to bring some balance back to my life (yes...tipping my hat to you Diana Griffin).

List of some of what I am grateful for:
1) Thurston (the greatest & most beautiful creative endeavour I could have ever done)
2) Chris (this one has brought me so much joy and laughter in the last couple of months)
3) My biological family
4) My chosen family
5) My ridiculous cats (Nacho, Snape & Moxisaurus)
6) For my green super fuzzy blanket & special socks (made for me by my sister Rachel) for when it cools down
7) All the music I get to listen to all the time
8) The food I can buy and cook
9) Working with some of the nicest people that I care deeply about
10) My health

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