Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Minefield of Impecible Words

Words are minefields.  People constantly are throwing and planting these bombs everywhere indiscriminately.
I don't really want to do that any more.  As a society we manipulate, cajole and diminish others with our words daily.

The reasons for this behavior can seem endless to me.

We struggle to own our words and actions for that matter.  We fear ridicule and rejection.  We hear it at every turn.  So we return fire or even prevent an unknown or anticipated fire fight by going on the offensive.

Those tactics can anger me faster than anything.  Inversely, the preemptive strikes seem to be a slew of self defeating tactics.
Do I do that?

We don't want to hear the judgement and criticism.  Just tell the enemy to fuck off first.
Why do they have to be thought of as an enemy?

We are more preoccupied with being the victor rather than asking the right questions and gaining a better understanding of ourselves and other human beings around us.  The fear of rejection is mighty and powerful.  I view it as a cruel task master robbing us of our self esteem and desire for introspection. If we are preoccupied or programmed to cower in the presence or preceived presence of rejection we ask the questions outside of ourselves instead of questioning our logic, motives and emotions to strive to understand the thought process which brought us to our present challenged circumstance.
Am I too focused on the concept of rejection as a motivator?

There is no doubt, asking for definition from our true selves is terrifying.
Is it more terrifying than rejection?  
Why would we choose the course to ignore the core of who we are and the ability to move beyond what we are in that moment?

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