Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Ode to this night

Occasionally it isn't about the orgasm.
Do not misunderstand. An orgasm is amazing and often highly desired.
This time it wasn't the priority.
It was about the gumshoey psychedelia playing over your phone.
It was about our kissing, our connection.
It was about you having a release. About the strange power for a brief moment where I felt beautiful and potent. I felt like I could be channeling a greater force through my body to yours.  The feeling of being an ancient goddess.
The living embodiment of the Venus of Willendorf. Even if for just a fleeting intense moment.
In that critical moment it turned into the ecstasy of skin on skin.
Feeling you twitch in my arms. To hear the heavy breathing. To feel your face in my hand and in turn, my face buried in your beard. The beautiful earthy smells that are you. How real and close you are to me. The exhilaration of you pulling me even closer.
Laying there breathing in your exhales. Being completely in the physical moment.
Allowing myself to be truly naked with you, loved and unjudged.
Sometimes it just isn't about the orgasm.